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Teamwork makes

the dream work!

A Corporate getaway can work wonders for your company or corporation!

Even a simple day-out of the office will make the difference, motivating employees – we know this as a fact – promoting creativity, boosting morale, encouraging communication and increasing the bond that ties your company together!

Portugal is the best venue & we are the best providers for original team “escape from the day-to-day work stress” and the corporate environment options, from the classic teambuilding activities and strategic games to one-of-a-kind experiences – compromising on offering the best time possible as a team as well as sharing unforgettable moments together!

No matter what group size, vehicle type, region for the activity or main porpoise of the event – we got you covered!

Jeep Rally

With the help of the Map, and road book available on the Tablet, each team will navigate the jeep (give our driver instructions on where to go next, and how to get there) inside the most stunning locations with challenges throughout their all-terrain adventure! An insight to Portugal’s history with Traditional Pastry & Port Wine tastings and lots of fun guaranteed!

Pedy Papers

A day in the life of a Lisbon local will make everyone embrace the genuine city traditions! A dynamic Pedi paper including tasting sessions and fun traditional tasks such as going to the barber shop for a shave or playing the lottery – the team will together “walk in the shoes of the locals” to see who is the most “Lisboeta” of them all!


A fun treasure hunt in one of the most enigmatic and unique property monuments – Quinta da Regaleira! The best scenario throughout nature mazes, tunnels and grottoes, the teams – Knights of the Masonic Order - must work together on unveiling enigmas and unraveling the riddles to discover the ultimate treasure!

Interactive Tours

Not your ordinary tour! Catch sight of Sintra top attractions and secret gems with teambuilding games, fun activities or wine tasting sessions at the most stunning locations in-between! With or without a challenge, by jeep, van or bicycle have the best moment together as a team and enjoy the best of Sintra at the same time!

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